Nov 19th 2019

5 Reasons to Consider Harrison Hot Springs for a Memorable Winter Getaway

When in Canada, you’ve got to do what the Canadians do – embrace winter. While that’s a tough call in many parts of snow-covered stretches, some parts in the western end near Vancouver, such as Harrison Hot Springs, offers the best of both worlds. Check out what the spectacular destination has to offer, whether you’re planning to holiday alone, with a special someone or your family: 

The Hemlock Valley Ski Resort

The popular Sasquatch Mountain Resort (previously called Hemlock Valley Resort), one of the local favourites, is just a short 45-minute drive away. There’s a variety of runs, trails, facilities for snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing, tobogganing and just to stroll around. It’s a family-friendly hill that is perfect for first-timers, intermediate skiers as well as experts. There’s a pub that serves delicious food and entertainment at night for those located nearby. The hidden gem is easily accessible from Vancouver City with several welcoming accommodations nearby, including the luxurious Harrison Lake View Resort. 

Harrison Hot Springs

When you’re done with the cold, just visit the picturesque Harrison Hot Springs. There’s nothing like a dip in the steaming, healing, therapeutic waters to drown your stresses away, under the crisp mountain air. Take in the view, walk through the charming village and hike through the forest trails to look for wildlife. The village is a well lit evening in the evenings. Enjoy Lights by the Lake and the attractive Sasquatch-themed displays. For indoor enthusiasts, there are many activities to choose from. Visit and explore.

Farm Tour

Local farm tours are offered year-round but nothing beats the fairytale magic of winter when snow is dusted over all the trees, barns and cottages around you. Meet the friendly locals and learn about their farm life, shop for farm-fresh food and enjoy the dairy products at the country markets. Don’t forget to take photographs to adorn your social media. 

Retail Therapy

Is anything better than retail therapy on a cold winter day? There are hidden gems to look for at Harrison Hot Springs from home décor items to winter wear, ski wear, spa products or just a steaming hot cup of coffee and delicious fare at a bistro. There is a museum to visit to learn about the history of the region and the enigmatic First Nations People. 

Harrison Lakeview Resort, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

For an incredible stay, located conveniently close to all these attractions, Harrison Lakeview Resort is a luxurious choice for accommodation. We have all the makings for an unforgettable vacation including quiet fishing spots where you can find the largest freshwater anglers and white sturgeons, exciting water and winter activities, adventure parks, scenic routes for driving around, hiking and strolling around. 

Choose from 20-fully renovated suites designed in different styles to suit a variety of needs. You will enjoy all comforts from complimentary Wi-Fi to charming pebble fireplaces and more. Call us for booking ahead of time for rooms with the most scenic lake and mountain views at competitive prices.

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