Jan 22nd 2019

A hotel room is a standard accommodation that contains the basics you’d find in any hotel room. They’re usually outfitted with a television, a bed that can span from a twin to a king-sized, a desk, a bathroom complete with a shower and/or bathtub, and a dresser. Hotel rooms don’t really contain anything special, although the quality will definitely vary depending on the hotel itself.
Hotel Suites
On the other hand, a hotel suite is a larger room that consists of several more features than a hotel room. Suites can range anywhere from 400 to 3,000 square feet and will include a bedroom, kitchen, living space and dining area. But why such a wide range when it comes to suite room sizes? It’s because there are various types of suites that a hotel can provide. It’s important to make sure you book the suite type you intended to, as they can differ quite a bit from what you initially thought. The four variations of hotel suites you’ll encounter are regular suites, junior suites, residential suites and presidential suites.

The Regular Suite is complete with one or more bedrooms, a separate living space, a bathroom and dining area. This is the most common suite style and is best for families with children or travel groups.

The Junior Suite is smaller than a regular suite. These feature one bedroom and living room that are only separated by a partial wall or room divider. There’s no dining area but the suite comes with a bathroom and gives you the lowest price range between each suite option.

The Residential Suite is for someone looking for a home away from home. More like an apartment than anything else, you can expect a separate living space, dining room, one or more bedrooms as well as a wet bar or full kitchen. Some suites also come with a washer and dryer set up or even a balcony.

The Presidential Suite is luxury at its finest. For the ultimate experience, the presidential (also known as the penthouse) suite has everything. You get all the features of a residential suite, as well as great views, high-end spa fixtures, a foyer, private balcony and maybe even a butler or two.
Which Suite is For You?
That depends on who you’re travelling with and the length of your stay. If you’re travelling with a bunch of your friends or family, then booking a larger suite with multiple bedrooms will leave you all a bit more comfortable. If you’re travelling alone but still want to experience a luxury suite to de-stress, then choose the suite that fits your budget while allowing you to have fun outside your room.

Built in 2013, Harrison Lake View Resort offers a variety of hotel suite styles at a competitive price. Located in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, right off Harrison Lake, each suite has breathtaking views that can’t be beaten. We offer Harrison Hot Spring Hotel suites that are complete with fully renovated one, two or three bedroom apartments with stainless steel appliances, a fireplace, large windows and spa bathrooms. Visit our website to book your Harrison lake hotel today!

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 Jul 5th 2017

Harrison Lake Hot Springs

“Come ye who suffer, and lose your pain…” read a sign near Congress Spring, NY in 1867. Since the late 18th century those natural waters have been hailed as a cure for everything from dyspepsia to gout. But Congress is far from the first natural hot spring to be celebrated for its healthful benefits. People have “taken the waters” for thousands of years as a cure for ailments both common and complex. That tradition continues today all across the globe.

Ancient Practices, Scientific Results

The treatment of disease through bathing is known as balneotherapy, taken from the Latin word “balneum” for bath. It is a fitting root, as bath therapy is an ancient remedy, stretching as far back as the Ancient Romans and beyond. In our modern world driven by synthetics and pharmaceuticals, it may be surprising that such an old form of traditional medicine is still recommended today. That’s because it still works, with science to back up the claims. (more…)

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