Nov 6th 2017

Harrison Lakeview Resort prides itself on being a family oriented resort, in a small town where family activities for both children and adults are in abundance. We value the importance of family and want to help as many families as possible, which is why we are bringing attention to a fundraising campaign for Lanie, a single mother of two children, 18 year old Jolan and 21 year old Kayla.

Lanie was diagnosed with cancer and is now in the terminal stage, and is very worried about how her children (who have recently arrived from the Philippines in 2015) will be struggling to make a living after she passes. Currently, they are financially struggling with Kayla working three jobs in order to hold them over. At the request of Lanie’s family doctor, Harrison Lakeview Resort is participating in this fundraising campaign to help offer Jolan and Kayla the opportunity to build a life in Canada, and we are urging others to do the same. We want to help Jolan and Kayla feel secure in this troubling time, and for them to see Canada as the safe and secure home that will always be giving.

Go to Lanie’s Children Fundraising Campaign
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 Dec 3rd 2013

Harrison Lake View Resort is the newest buzz of this little resort town. A boutique low-rise building that offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the mesmerizing Harrison Lake, mountains in this quaint, European-style village.

With 20 apartments, fully renovated for cozy interiors, innovative architecture and great view from every angle, Harrison Lake View Resort is your destination for your stay in Harrison.

Harrison Lake View Resort which has been designed elegantly and can be a your dream vacation destination that offers both luxury and comfort at highly competitive rates. Whether you are a small family that is seeking solace away from the madding crowds of the metros or a group of young adults who are out to have their tryst with nature, we have it all and more.

The Harrison Lake View Resort completed in June 2013- located between Cedar Avenue and Lillooet Avenue and along the southern tip of Harrison Lake. With a clean, crisp architecture and luxury living, is raising a sophisticated, boutique low-rise building in Harrison Hot Springs. This has been set up in a European style village, Harrison Lake View Resort offers luxurious interiors, beautifully landscaped grounds and lake views. Harrison hot springs is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in south-western British Columbia, from sandy beaches to sparkling ripples, to grassy knolls that roll from tee to green.

Its 2- 3-bedroom apartment range from 1000 to 1485 square feet and each features pebble fireplaces with marble surrounds, premium hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, luxury Meal, stainless steel appliances and spa inspired bathrooms. Every suite also has a good sized balcony with a view of the average is 350 sq. ft. and some are more than 800sq. ft Plus all 4th floor suites have beautiful lofts. Centrally located in Harrison, are just steps from Harrison Beach, Harrison Resort Golf Course, Harrison Hot Springs Spa Resort, local shopping, bistros, coffee shops and restaurants. Also, it is less than a 25 minute drive to Chilliwack.

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