Feb 19th 2018

Windsurfing has been a popular sport in Harrison Lake for decades. The Harrison Windsports Society is a wonderful group of windsurfing enthusiasts that maintains a small beach area at the breakwater on the south west side of the Harrison Village – commonly referred to as Breakwater Beach.  They have produced a short guide on how to get the best windsurfing experience in Harrison Lake. Here’s their best advice:

How Can I Catch The Best Winds?

Harrison Lake’s winds blow from the south on most sunny summer days at around 15-25 mph. The best winds occur during May through August. Check your local weather forecast or weather website for wind speeds. In general, winds are calm in the morning, with the wind beginning to blow in the early afternoon and lasting to early evening. (more…)

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 Jan 19th 2018

If you’re in B.C. and looking for a camping and canoeing adventure, look no further than the fine campsites in Harrison Lake and Sasquatch Provincial Park. Here are some of our favourites:

Harrison Lake: Chehalis River Recreation Site

Chehalis River offers 52 campgrounds located along the banks of Chehalis River, in the Fraser Valley of BC. The sites are nestled in an old growth forest with over 1.5 km of riverfront perfect for canoeing. This is a beautiful site built around mature timber.

You’ll find picnic tables, fire pits, and outhouses positioned around the property. There’s a beautiful walking trail through the forest that terminates at the river downstream from the campground. After a few days of camping and canoeing in Chehalis, we guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and recharged. (more…)

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 Jan 18th 2018

Sasquatch Provincial Park is a beautiful getaway in the heart of Fraser Valley. You can enjoy camping, paddling, and fishing in any of the park’s three lakes: Trout Lake, Hicks Lake and Deer Lake. Here are some fun activities available at Sasquatch Provincial Park.

See the Wildlife

Sasquatch Park supports a large variety of wildlife including beavers, mountain goats, woodpeckers, warblers, and vireos. Many rare species have been seen in the park, including bald eagles, tailed frogs, and black petaltail dragonflies. The lakes and streams in the park are full of fish with over ten species of fish from the sturgeon, smelt, salmon, catfish, and stickleback families. For anglers, all three lakes are stocked with rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and brook char.

Keep an eye out for the park’s namesake Sasquatches as well. Sasquatches (aka Bigfoots) are large hairy human-like creatures said to live in the forests of Canada. They have notoriously large feet and footprints. Bring a camera, because a Sasquatch photo will sell for big bucks. (more…)

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