Dining in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

When you choose to stay at Harrison Lakeview Resort, you’ll have a variety of culinary options for any craving you may have! With a number of restaurants in the area boasting irresistible menus, Harrison Lakeview resort is teeming with excellent eats at affordable prices.
The village of Harrison Hot Springs is warm and welcoming, and the local restaurants make it their goal to keep with that theme when serving their guests. Here are some of the best dining options in Harrison Hot Springs:

The Black Forest Restaurant

This popular restaurant in Harrison Hot Springs is especially known for its steaks and schnitzels, making it a great place for dinner. Despite its name, the restaurant is quite colorful and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The menu is full of scrumptious choices that will have you reminiscing about mom’s good old fashion home cooking.


Village Pizzeria

The best pizza you’re likely to eat along Harrison Lake! Village Pizzeria is a local favorite and is known for its quality ingredients and delicious pizzas. Don’t let its smaller size fool you, this pizzeria packs quite a punch! With dine-in and takeout available, Village Pizzeria offers not only great taste but convenience as well!

Harrison hamburgers

harrison hamburgers offer a variety of American and Canadian cuisines with lunch and dinner options. Its located at a 2-minute walk from the resort. enjoy the delectable food in indoor or outdoor seating.


Lakeview restaurant

The Lakeview restaurant at a 4-minute walk and 1-minute car ride from the offers a variety of cuisines along with buffet options which are also available.


Muddy Waters Café

Located right on the shore of Harrison Lake, this restaurant is known to offer the freshest food in the village. Serving up delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options, you can be sure that everyone will find something they like at Muddy Waters Café. They use only the freshest ingredients and are always happy to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have. it is located at a 2-minute walk from Harrison Lakeview resort.


Morgan’s Bistro

For a classy night out in Harrison Hot Springs filled with delicious menu options and a comfortable atmosphere, look no further than Morgan’s Bistro. This restaurant offers quality food and a great view of Harrison Lake, two things that make for a perfect evening in Harrison Hot Springs. Their menu includes delicious choices such as various salads and burgers, lamb, seafood, and short ribs.


Harrison Corner Cafe

If it’s cafe food you’re craving, you’ll want to check out Harrison corner cafe. This charming cafe-style restaurant is your one-stop-shop for cafe favorites such as burgers, wings, chicken strips, and fish and chips. It’s the ultimate spot in Harrison Hot Springs for finger food enthusiasts and those who want to wet their pallets with quality beers or milkshakes on tap!


lakefront cafe

the lakefront cafe is at a 2-minute walk and 1-minute car ride from the serves a variety of breakfast and lunch cuisines along with a vivid range of beverages.

With these restaurant options and more available in the village of Harrison Hot Springs, you’re sure to have no trouble at all enjoying a tasty night out when you are staying at Harrison Lakeview Resort. Bon Appétit!