How to Get to Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Lakeview Resort is nestled in a quaint village located in South Western British Columbia, which is surrounded by picturesque scenery in all directions and provides a scenic and spectacular lake view. The Resort is located in a town bustling with activity and beaches to swim in. It is ideal to take a little road trip to take in the splendid sights that this side of British Columbia has to offer. In the spring, summer, fall and winter, there are a variety of landscapes and scenic areas to visit by car or by walking.

Harrison Hot Springs is a sight to see in all four seasons, from the stunning beaches in the summer, to the naturistic and colourful trails and hikes in the fall, to the skiing slopes and hot springs in the winter to the blooming flowers in the spring,

Harrison Hot Springs is a prime hot spot in South Western British Columbia because of the variety of activities that they offer to both those who are visiting and those who are in residence. Because of this, it is easy to find!

There are a multitude of ways to reach Harrison Hot Springs, whether it’s from Vancouver or from the Abbotsford Airport, the longest route should only take up to three hours (from Seattle and SeaTac International Airport), while the shortest route will take up to 45 minutes (from the Abbotsford Airport).
Once you arrive at Harrison Hot Springs, no matter the season, there is no shortage of activities to do. You can do a variety of things that suit your leisurely needs or your adventurous streak!

Come to Harrison Hot Springs to:

  • – Shop the local and unique boutiques that the town has to offer in the village.
  • – Visit the nearby Circle Farm and explore the land and various activities to do there.
  • – Swim in pools, beaches and lakes.
  • – Visit Kilby Historic Sites, Tugboat Junction Adventure Park and Bridal Falls Waterpark (all family friendly of course).
  • – Participate in the multiple annual festivals that they have such as the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Festival of the Arts and more!
  • – Do seasonal activities such as skiing in the nearby valley, fishing in the Fraser River, exploring the Minter Gardens and other various areas.
  • – Wildlife viewing – spot the bald eagle or keep a lookout for the White Sturgeon Fish.
  • – And of course, lounge in the infamous Hot Springs!

As you can see, there are no shortage of activities to do at Harrison Hot Springs. Look at the tours and activities we have to offer, book a room at the Harrison Lakeview Resort and ENJOY.
We hope to see you soon!