Feb 19th 2018

A Guide To Windsurfing On Harrison Lake

Windsurfing has been a popular sport in Harrison Lake for decades. The Harrison Windsports Society is a wonderful group of windsurfing enthusiasts that maintains a small beach area at the breakwater on the south west side of the Harrison Village – commonly referred to as Breakwater Beach.  They have produced a short guide on how to get the best windsurfing experience in Harrison Lake. Here’s their best advice:

How Can I Catch The Best Winds?

Harrison Lake’s winds blow from the south on most sunny summer days at around 15-25 mph. The best winds occur during May through August. Check your local weather forecast or weather website for wind speeds. In general, winds are calm in the morning, with the wind beginning to blow in the early afternoon and lasting to early evening.

What Gear Should I Use?

Most windsurfers use sails from 6 meters to 8.5 meters, the most common size sails being 6.5 meters and 7.5 meters.

Where Should I Launch From?

East Side of Breakwater Beach: Windsurfing Setup/Beginner Area

The beginner area has open beach that’s good for setting up windsurfing gear. It gives windsurfers the opportunity to launch, and return to the beach, as far from the breakwater as possible. This allows windsurfers to get downwind from the breakwater on the way out, hopefully avoiding the significant wind shadow behind the breakwater. This is the best area for beginner windsurfers as the wind will not push you into the breakwater as you leave the beach.

Southwest Side of Breakwater Beach: Advanced Windsurf Setup And Launch Area

This area is good for launching windsurfers as you can avoid the large wind shadow caused by the breakwater. However you must be able to confidently windsurf upwind. If you launch from this location and encounter any problems you will be blown downwind into the breakwater, so we recommend you only take this path if you’re experienced.

What Should I Watch Out For?

Old dock pilings: These old pilings are very visible as they stick high out of the water, but they are an obstacle for windsurfers as they are very close to the best route in and out of Breakwater Beach. Be cautious of the pilings as you can get blown towards them if you are attempting to sail in or out. Be cautious: they are not friendly to gear.

A Great Windsurfing Community

Our Lake Resort in Harrison Hot Springs is only minutes away from excellent windsurfing at Breakwater Beach. Whether you’re new to windsurfing or an old pro, you’ll find people of your speed at the Harrison Windsports Society. For more information about windsurfing on Harrison Lake please check this pdf file.

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