Harrison Hot Springs Family Attractions

Our Resort in Harrison Hot Springs prides itself on being a family friendly getaway in the middle of a scenic town surrounded by nature. As a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, Harrison Lakeview Resort provides an abundance of activities that is guaranteed to be fun for both the parents and the children! The best part? All of these attractions are within a thirty-minute drive away from the Resort.


Harrison Lakeview Resort offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools for their guests, making it suitable to swim during any season. In addition to the pools, there are safe swimming beaches nearby for the summer months, where your kids can swim in the ocean and build sand castles on the shore.


Rent a quadracycle, a four seated bicycle, and embark on a leisurely ride through the shops in the quaint town around Harrison Lakeview Resort and down the shores of the sandy beaches nearby, all with your family in tow!

Kilby Historic Site:

conveniently located at the junction of the Harrison and Fraser rivers, this historic site is guaranteed a visit from your family. There is a General Store Museum that will offer historical facts about the 1920s for the adults and put on interpretive plays for the children. There is a farm where the kids can interact and feed the animals, pick apples from the orchard and play in a playground (which also provides entertaining games for both kid and adult alike). To top off the visit, your family can relax at the Kilby Café which serves an abundance of delicious treats and beverages.

Kilby Historic Site and Store

Tugboat Junction Adventure Park:

bring your kids to this adventure park which is a miniature golf course that sports a fun set of golf courses that will bring a challenge to the game.

Bridal Falls Waterpark:

perfect for escaping the stifling summer heat, the family can go enjoy the cool waters at Bridal Falls Waterpark! With its wide array of accessible waterslides (rated from beginner, intermediate and advanced), along with a wading pool/hot tub, this park is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face as they whiz down the different waterslides.