Nov 6th 2017

Lanie’s Children Fundraising Campaign

Harrison Lakeview Resort prides itself on being a family oriented resort, in a small town where family activities for both children and adults are in abundance. We value the importance of family and want to help as many families as possible, which is why we are bringing attention to a fundraising campaign for Lanie, a single mother of two children, 18 year old Jolan and 21 year old Kayla.

Lanie was diagnosed with cancer and is now in the terminal stage, and is very worried about how her children (who have recently arrived from the Philippines in 2015) will be struggling to make a living after she passes. Currently, they are financially struggling with Kayla working three jobs in order to hold them over. At the request of Lanie’s family doctor, Harrison Lakeview Resort is participating in this fundraising campaign to help offer Jolan and Kayla the opportunity to build a life in Canada, and we are urging others to do the same. We want to help Jolan and Kayla feel secure in this troubling time, and for them to see Canada as the safe and secure home that will always be giving.

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