Shopping at Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Harrison Lakeview Resort is located in a quant village that has a multitude of activities, and a popular one amongst those activities is shopping. Harrison Lakeview Resort has two shops on site at the resort. These shops are:

  1. Sticks and Stone: a shop with a warm and earthy atmosphere that sells a variety of national treasures.
  2. Legend: a unique shop that carries apparel and swimwear for both men and women.

There is also a variety of little shops and boutiques to explore when out for a walk in the village. There are many boutique stores that sell one of a kind clothing, organic homemade items, artistic pieces and high end fashion. You can take a walk and do some window shopping after a relaxing day at the beach and browse for some classy evening wear to a night out at a fancy restaurant. The options for shopping are limitless with the many shopping boutiques that the town offers.

Located just mere minutes away from the Harrison Lakeview Resort are small boutiques and stores that sell almost anything you can think of.

Some of the shops that the town holds are:

Island View Gifts:

A quant gift shop that sells a large variety of unique gifts such as jewelry, home décor and other souvenir items that can commemorate your stay at Harrison Hot Springs.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory:

for those who have a sweet craving that they need to satisfy, come visit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – a collection of sweet and savoury chocolate and confectionary products.

Casa Lifestyle:

A store full of uniquely made items such as candles, jewelry, art, vases and more.

Serenity Now:

a homier version of the larger corporate bookstore, Serenity Now offers a wide selection of good reads, mini souvenir gifts and more!

Papples Market:

the local village does not just have clothing and souvenirs, but also fresh food to buy and to taste. Pappies Market offers seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade organic honey and other delectable treats for you to peruse and try.

Canwest Art Gallery on the Lake:

this may not be your typical boutique or store but take the time to open up your artistic side and view the many pieces that the gallery has to offer.

These stores mentioned above are just a small sampling of what the Harrison Lakeview Resort has to offer. There are many other options and they are all located conveniently close by.

Happy shopping!