Jul 29th 2019

Tips to Plan your Trip to Harrison Lake View Resort

Planning a trip is hard work, especially if it’s within Canada. There are so many beautiful destinations across the country to choose from. One destination in Canada that is always a favourite with all is Harrison Lake View Resort in British Columbia. Located right beside Harrison Lake, the scenic resort offers panoramic views of natural beauty all around you. The central location makes it easy to plan a vacation here. Here are a few tips to help you plan well.


The duration of your Harrison Lake View holiday depends on the number of days you have on hand. Are you planning a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation? Do you have a few extra days after a business trip or is your family with you? Once you know the number of days to work with, take time zones and seasons into account. If it’s a long journey from the east coast or the USA, you may need a day to unwind after you’re back to get over jet lag. Book accordingly.


Weigh out the purpose of the trip to give you more direction if you need. Are you looking to unwind in the resort or do you wish to recharge with physical activities? What about your children? Do they prefer to hike and bike or looking forward to water activities such as paddling or canoeing? Take the weather into account. Always keep a light waterproof jacket, sturdy trekking shoes, caps, an umbrella, swimwear, sunscreen and UV protected sunglasses with you.


Summers are beautiful in Harrison Lake View Resort but the destination is increasingly attracting visitors in winters too. Read up on the destination before you set out so you know how to maximize your stay doing what you love best. The central location of our resort allows you to enjoy both the beach, go hiking for wildlife viewing or fishing in the Fraser River. The quaint town offers delightful shopping boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants all year round. But what Harrison Hot Springs is best known for is its charming festivals. Don’t miss the Festival of the Arts held in the village and beaches in summer showcasing musicians from all over Canada and the world.


Take in the cost of food along with your flight tickets and accommodation while planning your budget. Our website gives you a better idea. A great way to travel comfortably at reasonable budgets is by collecting mileage points or driving instead of flying. Book your flight and accommodation well in advance for the best deals.


At Harrison Lake View Resort, we offer charming multiple-room Grand or Penthouse suites that give picturesque views of snow-capped peaks. Each suite offers a deep-soak bathtub, rain shower, well-equipped kitchen, fireplace and patio to admire the spectacular view.


There are several ways to reach Harrison Hot Springs. You can travel from Vancouver or take the shortest route from Abbotsford Airport which is about 45 minutes.

The best plans are those that fit into your budget. Book early to get rooms of your choice at competitive prices. Call us today.



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