Tours at Harrison Lake

Harrison Lakeview Resort is known for many things, such as their hot springs, the quaint village nearby, the scenic lakeside view, the spectacular mountainside view and of course, the many tours that they offer.

When you visit Harrison Lakeview Resort, you should take the time to relax by the lake and the beaches, and to also get the full experience of what Harrison has to offer. There are a multitude of activities to do that is suited for anyone: whether you are the type of person who likes to relax, or the type of person who wants to engage their more adventurous side, we have tours for you!

Explore the different shops, the vast culture and scenery that the Harrison Lakeview Resort has to offer.
Here are some of the tours that we offer to those who come to the Harrison Lakeview Resort:

Sasquatch Tours

Exactly as the name suggests, Harrison Lakeview Resort offers a guided tour through the most compelling evidence that is said to prove the existence of the infamous Sasquatch. Have a good natured debate over the existence of Sasquatch and explore all the evidence that has been laid out while exploring the spectacular scenery surrounding Harrison Lake. Even for the non-believers, the Sasquatch Tours is an incredible opportunity to go explore the most beautiful scenery of forests, snow-capped mountains and the fresh mountain air that surrounds the little town of Harrison. Challenge your beliefs on this tour!

Hell’s Gate Jet Boat Tours

For those with more of an adventurous streak, this one’s for you! Get a rush by being suspended over the wide Fraser River with Hell’s Gate air tram. While you’re there, make sure to take the opportunity to learn more about the history of Hell’s Gate as it was discovered by some of the well-known Canadian explorers past our time. And not only that, take a ride through the Fraser River to Hell’s Gate on a Jet Boat.

Shoreline Tours

This would be considered a nice and relaxing activity to do while simultaneously taking in the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the lake, as well as the Harrison River and Port Douglas. The tour is a boat tour that takes you out into the waters and a tour guide will point out various landmarks and wildlife activity. It is guaranteed to be a relaxing and educational experience.

The Circle Farm Tour

The Circle Farm Tour provides a mix of activities that are also family friendly. Actually, one of our most scenic routes, a cruise along the Highway Seven, will explore some parts of the Circle Farm Tour. On this tour you can do various activities such as berry picking, wine tasting and taste the delectable cheeses that they offer at the restaurants on the tour.

With these tours, you will get the full experience of Harrison Hot Springs and with a variety of other activities to do, it will make you want come back and explore some more!