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Activities in Harrison Hot Springs

Although Harrison Hot Springs’ natural hot springs are a must on any itinerary, they really are only the beginning of a myriad of things to do. The choices are as varied as winter skiing and year round golf to horseback riding, summer festivals, and country Fall Fairs.

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Harrison Lakeview Resort is surrounded by adorable and soul-enchanting trails that gives its guests a relaxing break from the hectic monotony of their busy lives. some of the trails include.

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Perfect for escaping the stifling summer heat, the family can go enjoy the cool waters these various water activities. With its wide array of accessible waterslides (rated from beginner, intermediate and advanced), along with a wading pool/hot tub, these activities are guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face as they whiz down the different waterslides.

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Our Suites in Harrison Hot Springs prides itself on being a family friendly getaway in the middle of a scenic town surrounded by nature. As a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, Harrison Lakeview Resort provides an abundance of activities that is guaranteed to be fun for both the parents and the children! The best part? All these attractions are within a thirty-minute drive away from the Harrison Lakeview Suites.

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When you choose to stay at Harrison Lakeview Resort, you’ll have a variety of culinary options for any craving you may have! With several restaurants in the area boasting irresistible menus, Harrison Lakeview resort is teeming with excellent eats at affordable prices.The village of Harrison Hot Springs is warm and welcoming, and the local restaurants make it their goal to keep with that theme when serving their guests. Here are some of the best dining options in Harrison Hot Springs.