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Hotels In Harrison

Kid-Friendly Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

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Harrison Hot Springs is a small resort town that is less than two hours away from Vancouver, and you’ll get to enjoy an incredible view of the lake while soaking in relaxing hot spring pools as well. These activities are really great, but there is more to do in this village, including plenty of outdoor activities, so it’s a kid-friendly environment that is perfect for families.
If you’re interested in an exciting getaway, the following are just some of the kid-friendly things you can do in Harrison Hot Springs:

Enjoy Water Activities

Kids love to splash in the water, and you can choose to do banana tube rides, bumper boat rentals, sea-doo rentals or you can visit the very popular inflatable water park. You can also arrange kayaking and fishing and boat rental cruises as well.

Enjoy the Sand

If your family enjoys calm waters and sandy shores, you can enjoy the beachfront of Harrison Lake. You will be able to spread out a blanket or chairs, and the sandy beach is a great place to spend your whole day. The lake is quite calm, so you can go swimming with your little ones, and there’s also a beautiful lakefront walking path that runs parallel to the village’s main street where you can find great restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours. Everyone will get to enjoy delicious meals, and even picky eaters will find something they like.

Go for a Hike

Scenic routes and hot springs are what you’ll find, so you can go for a hike with your family. Everyone will appreciate the nature and beautiful lake views, and you will get to exercise while spending quality time together. There are different trails, so you can choose the one suitable for your family and hike for as little or as long as you want.

Enjoy the Hot Springs

There is a public family pool in the centre of town, so you don’t have to stay at the resort to enjoy this aspect. You and your family can take advantage of the soothing hot pools because the entry fee is very affordable and accessible for everyone. The hot pools are fed by the village hot springs, and this is a relaxing experience your entire family will enjoy.

Enjoy a Farm Tour

Families can choose to take a self-guided circle farm tour where you will get to discover the history and delicious food offerings in the eastern Fraser Valley. You can get your hands on a tour map and can set off on an adventure.
Harrison Lakeview Suits will provide your family with plenty of fun. Visit our Harrison hot spring hotel and let our staff help you with your accommodations. We are one of the top hotels in the area, and if you are planning a trip to BC, our resort is worth considering. If you want a family- friendly hotel in Harrison Hot Springs, we are the answer, so contact us today to hear more about our lake resort!

Harrison Hot Springs Accommodation

Fun Reasons To Stay With The Family At Harrison Hot Springs

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Finding a hotel that is family-friendly is not always easy, and if you are looking for a resort that is enjoyable for both kids and adults, Harrison Hot Springs is the answer. This hotel is very welcoming of children, and the entire family will have fun because there is so much to do, including the following:

The Outdoor Family Pool

Kids love to swim, and this is a great activity for the whole family. You’ll be able to spend a lot of your time at the pool, which is very large and wheelchair accessible. The temperature of the water is always right, and its gradual, sloped entrance makes it perfect for toddlers too. The family pool also has a waterfall, and kids will have a blast as a result of this feature.


Those with kids know the importance of comfort, especially after a long, fun day and the beds at Harrison Hot Springs are incredibly comfortable, so everyone in your family will be able to unwind and relax. You’ll be able to sink into the plush beds the hotel provides, and you’ll be ready for more adventures the following day.

Lots of Food Options

Kids can be very picky when it comes to food, but you won’t have to worry because this resort offers families plenty of dining choices, so everyone will get to eat what they want. There are four on-site restaurants, and if you prefer to stay inside your room in your comfy bathrobe, you can choose to order room service instead.

Exceptional Service

The staff at this resort are warm and friendly and genuinely love kids, so your family will feel welcome from the moment you arrive. The staff is always ready to help and provide you with whatever you need to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Incredible Views

Kids love to have fun, and exploring a resort is a memory they will never forget. At Harrison Hot Springs, fun is guaranteed, and kids will get to be themselves. They can run around or enjoy the beautiful view and quality time is what every family will get to experience. You can take in the views of the lake, and the mountains in the distance, and the large common area will allow your family to relax by a cozy fire where you can spend some much needed time together. Bonding time is rare for many families, but this resort will allow you to forget about work and school, and parents will get a chance to laugh and play with their kids.
If you are looking for a family-friendly getaway, Harrison Lakeview Suits will provide you with a wonderful experience. The staff at our resort will help you plan your accommodation, so if you are interested in Harrison Hot Spring hotels, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Harrison Lake Resort will allow you to have fun and relax, so if you are looking for hotels in Harrison Hot Springs in BC, contact us today!