Travel Hacks To Make the Most of Your Hotel Room

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Travel Hacks To Make the Most of Your Hotel Room

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A hotel room may fall short of certain conveniences, however luxurious it may be. What do you do if your child is hungry in the middle of the night? How do you iron your crushed shirt for the next day’s business meeting? Take a look at these travel hacks to stay cozy, comfortable and entertained.

13 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Hotel Room Comfort

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Feel like a grilled cheese sandwich at an odd hour? Don’t spend unnecessarily on room service. Here’s a trick. Bring up bread rolls, cheese and butter from your breakfast buffet in the unused plastic shower cap (available in your bathroom kit). Lightly press the iron over the sandwich to warm the cheese and bread.

Clip Curtains Together: To keep light out, clip the curtains together by using the clips on the hanger when they don’t close all the way.

Hook Netflix on Room TV: Does the TV have a flat screen with an HDMI port? Does your room have wifi? Hook Netflix to the TV using your laptop, tablet or smartphone and stream your favourite programs through your holiday.

Multi-Purpose Shower Cap: Put your shower cap to good use. Wrap your shoes or roll your toiletries in it while packing so they stay neatly tucked, without ruining the rest of your clothes.

Heated Towel Rack: Avoid spending a fortune on laundry service. Carry a small sachet or bottle of laundry detergent. Hand-wash your clothes and use the towel heat racks in the bathroom to dry them.

Face Exfoliation: It is impossible to carry a box full of skincare products on holiday trips. When you need a good scrub after a hectic day out, just dip a slice of lime or tomato into a sachet of sugar and exfoliate the grime from your skin.

Surround System Music: You don’t need speakers to turn up the music volume in a hotel room. Simply place your iPhone in a clean, empty glass and watch the magic. Make sure you are mindful of your neighbours.

Hotel Discounts: Book directly with the hotel using their website for “off the book” discounts and upgrades.

Steam Shirts for Ironing: If the iron doesn’t have a steamer, hang the shirt or dress in the bathroom, close to the shower, turn on the hot water tap and close the door, without getting it wet. In a few minutes, the wrinkles disappear. Alternately, dry the shirt with the hairdryer, holding it really close to the fabric and move it up and down. See the wrinkles disappearing.

Childproof your Room: Carry duct tape with you to seal the plug points and open sockets.

Laundry Bags: Use the dry cleaning hotel laundry bags to carry wet clothes after a swim or stacking dirty laundry in your bag.

Conditioner: Forgotten your shaving cream? Use the conditioner to double up as one. You can also use it as a cuticle cream and makeup remover.

Skype: Avoid using the hotel phone to save money. Use Skype on your laptop or smartphone to make business phone calls.

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