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Travel Hacks To Make the Most of Your Hotel Room

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A hotel room may fall short of certain conveniences, however luxurious it may be. What do you do if your child is hungry in the middle of the night? How do you iron your crushed shirt for the next day’s business meeting? Take a look at these travel hacks to stay cozy, comfortable and entertained.

13 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Hotel Room Comfort

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Feel like a grilled cheese sandwich at an odd hour? Don’t spend unnecessarily on room service. Here’s a trick. Bring up bread rolls, cheese and butter from your breakfast buffet in the unused plastic shower cap (available in your bathroom kit). Lightly press the iron over the sandwich to warm the cheese and bread.

Clip Curtains Together: To keep light out, clip the curtains together by using the clips on the hanger when they don’t close all the way.

Hook Netflix on Room TV: Does the TV have a flat screen with an HDMI port? Does your room have wifi? Hook Netflix to the TV using your laptop, tablet or smartphone and stream your favourite programs through your holiday.

Multi-Purpose Shower Cap: Put your shower cap to good use. Wrap your shoes or roll your toiletries in it while packing so they stay neatly tucked, without ruining the rest of your clothes.

Heated Towel Rack: Avoid spending a fortune on laundry service. Carry a small sachet or bottle of laundry detergent. Hand-wash your clothes and use the towel heat racks in the bathroom to dry them.

Face Exfoliation: It is impossible to carry a box full of skincare products on holiday trips. When you need a good scrub after a hectic day out, just dip a slice of lime or tomato into a sachet of sugar and exfoliate the grime from your skin.

Surround System Music: You don’t need speakers to turn up the music volume in a hotel room. Simply place your iPhone in a clean, empty glass and watch the magic. Make sure you are mindful of your neighbours.

Hotel Discounts: Book directly with the hotel using their website for “off the book” discounts and upgrades.

Steam Shirts for Ironing: If the iron doesn’t have a steamer, hang the shirt or dress in the bathroom, close to the shower, turn on the hot water tap and close the door, without getting it wet. In a few minutes, the wrinkles disappear. Alternately, dry the shirt with the hairdryer, holding it really close to the fabric and move it up and down. See the wrinkles disappearing.

Childproof your Room: Carry duct tape with you to seal the plug points and open sockets.

Laundry Bags: Use the dry cleaning hotel laundry bags to carry wet clothes after a swim or stacking dirty laundry in your bag.

Conditioner: Forgotten your shaving cream? Use the conditioner to double up as one. You can also use it as a cuticle cream and makeup remover.

Skype: Avoid using the hotel phone to save money. Use Skype on your laptop or smartphone to make business phone calls.

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7 Things You Need to Check in Your Hotel Room

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7 Things You Need to Check in Your Hotel Room

After a long day of travelling, all you want to do once you’ve entered your hotel room is to crash on the bed and maybe order some food. But before you do that, there are several things you need to do before you can properly relax, as your health and safety may depend on it.

Look for Bedbugs

Hotel rooms are one of the most common places to pick up bedbugs. Inspect your bedding, the mattress and pad, bed frame, couch and chairs for these pests. If you see consistent brown staining throughout these surfaces, as bedbugs leave it behind after processing their victim’s blood, then it’s time to go.

Disinfect Common Surfaces

Sometimes a cleanroom isn’t always as clean as you hope. Sure, hotel room cleaners will scrub down the bathroom or wash the bedsheets, but what about common places like doorknobs, light switches or the tv remote? For your own health and peace of mind, grab a disinfectant wipe or two and give the room a proper cleaning.

Inspect the Thermostat

Depending on where you’re staying, the temperatures could change drastically from the morning to the evening. In those cases, it’s important to make sure your climate controls are working properly so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night completely frozen or boiling hot. If you wait until an issue arises, you might not be able to switch rooms or find a maintenance worker to fix it.

Check the Alarm Clock

You never know who stayed in your room last. It could have been an early riser who wanted to see the sunrise or a person who needed to attend an early morning meeting and accidentally left their 4:00 AM alarm set for the next guest. To prevent yourself from being startled awake in the wee hours of the morning, check the room’s alarm clock. Fall asleep without worrying about being woken up by an unexpected noise.

Utilize the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

The ‘do not disturb’ sign comes with every room, and for good reason. Hang it on your outer doorknob to prevent housekeeping or other service workers from disturbing you unexpectedly. Hang this sign as soon as you enter your room, and remove it whenever you want your room to be cleaned.

Study the Evacuation Plan

You never know when a fire or other emergency might occur when you’re staying in a hotel. It’s important to know exactly where the emergency exits are, in case the need arises. Familiarize yourself with these routes using the evacuation map that comes with every room. 

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The Benefits of Hot Springs

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The Benefits of Hot Springs

“Come ye who suffer, and lose your pain…” read a sign near Congress Spring, NY in 1867. Since the late 18th century those natural waters have been hailed as a cure for everything from dyspepsia to gout. But Congress is far from the first natural hot spring to be celebrated for its healthful benefits. People have “taken the waters” for thousands of years as a cure for ailments both common and complex. That tradition continues today all across the globe.

Ancient Practices, Scientific Results

The treatment of disease through bathing is known as balneotherapy, taken from the Latin word “balneum” for a bath. It is a fitting root, as bath therapy is an ancient remedy, stretching as far back as the Ancient Romans and beyond. In our modern world driven by synthetics and pharmaceuticals, it may be surprising that such an old form of traditional medicine is still recommended today. That’s because it still works, with science to back up the claims. 

Conditions Soothed by Hot Springs

A number of studies published in professional, peer-reviewed scientific journals show clear evidence that soaking in a hot spring yields benefits for a wide range of ailments. These conditions include:

  • FibromyalgiaBathing in mineral-rich thermal waters provided medium to large reductions in pain for those with fibromyalgia. (Arthritis Research & Therapy, 2014)
  • Psoriasis – Mineral and sulphuric waters from hot springs reduces inflammation and the development of scales, as well as antibacterial and antifungal qualities. (Serbian Journal of Dermatology and Venereology, 2015)
  • ArthritisWarm to hot water can ease the ache of several kinds of arthritis, with the most relief experienced by those who practice full-body immersion. (Israel Medical Association Journal, 1999)

Alongside joint and muscle pains, health centres such as Austin Heart in Texas promote balneotherapy as a way to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, Eczema, and Varicose Veins. There is also evidence that bathing in hot springs can alleviate mental health symptoms like depression or anxiety.

Potential Risks

Every type of medical treatment has a risk for side effects or other dangers. Hot springs are no different. However, proper observance and awareness will make sure your soothing dip will stay an enjoyable experience. 

  • First-Trimester Pregnancy. Every hot spring is different, some are hotter than others, and each has its own microbial environment. To newly pregnant women this can be dangerous in ways that wouldn’t affect someone closer to their due date. Play it safe and ask your doctor first before soaking.
  • Keep your Head Up. Some natural springs can be home to a type of amoeba that causes meningitis. Since these nasty microorganisms enter the body through the nose, it is best to always keep your head above the water.
  • Alcohol and Dehydration. It might sound strange, but hot water actually dehydrates your body. Drinking alcohol only exacerbates dehydration, and also intoxicates faster, leading to the danger of poisoning and drowning. Keep yourself hydrated with good clean water instead.  

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ready to experience the rejuvenating benefits of hot springs!

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5 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day In Vancouver

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5 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day In Vancouver

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you don’t have anything planned yet, fret not, you are in the right place. Below, we give you five things you can do this Valentine’s Day that you and your partner will enjoy.

People’s Prom

If you and your partner love to dance, surprise them with tickets to the annual People’s Prom. It’s the prom that you didn’t have in high school. The People’s Prom will be held at The Imperial on February 14th, 2020, starting at 8 p.m. the event sells out quickly, so make sure you purchase your tickets early.

Note: Guests must be 19+ to attend.

Stay After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium offers a very special event for adults on Valentine’s Day. The event will include unique programs and activities, as well as beer and wine, making it the perfect date night spot. From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. you will be able to enjoy a shark reproduction show, a sea otter feeding, and live musical entertainment.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day On Grouse Mountain

This year, Grouse Mountain will have two Valentine’s Day events: A five-course dinner and a snow tour that ends with a romantic campfire where you can make s’ mores and enjoy your partner’s company.

The Valentine’s Day dinner at Grouse Mountain is a five-course meal at the Peak of Vancouver Observatory, featuring poached sturgeon, AAA dry-aged tenderloin in addition to a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and desserts. The curated menu will be available from February 14th, 2020 – February 16th, 2020, so you and your partner have the weekend to pencil in this very special dinner.

The Grouse Mountains hosts the snowshoe campfire tour every Saturday during the winter months. Doing the tour on Valentine’s Day is a very romantic way to spend the day/evening. It will begin with a snowshoe excursion in the forest, and you will come back to a warm campfire, with apple cider and everything you need to make s’ mores.

Book A Romantic Spa Package

Many spas in Vancouver are offering Valentine’s Day packages. Enjoy a couple’s massage at Chi The Spa at Shangri-La, Sense A Rosewood Spa, or Willow Stream Spa in Coal Harbor, which is known for having the best views of the city.

Check Out A Burlesque Show

The city puts on an annual Valentine’s show that entices viewers with feathers, tassels, and lingerie. Burlesque Duos is a well known adult-only show that is fun for both couples and single people. 

Harrison Lakeview Suites is your home away from home in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Book today to enjoy all the adventures Vancouver has to offer.